Receive your post online
At 80 Locations worldwide
Scan or forward internationally

Your mail is received at our worldwide locations

ClevverMail employees will accept the mail at the address of your choice and inform you of the new item and the sender. Your will also get information about the type and weight of the item

Receive and manage your postal mail online or via APP

You determine, which mail item will be digitized by us. We scan letters with OCR and take pictures of your packages. Anything we do is data protection compliant.

We scan your postal mail

Once a mail item was scanned, we will inform you via email or a push notification in our APP. You can view and read your mail anytime and anywhere.

Worldwide Forwarding

We forward your postal mail to any place worldwide. You can individually choose the right shipping service for a faster or less expensive option.

ClevverMail Pricing

Manage your postal mail online via
our ClevverMail APP

  • Manage postal mail from
    anywhere in the world
  • Access via mobile APP and Web

This is how ClevverMail APP works

Combine your ClevverAddress service with
other great Clevver services


Many of our locations can be used to register your business. ClevverAddress is the perfect addon to your ClevverMail postbox. Registered addresses a vailable at 20 locations in 15 countries. Or use our Registered Agent service in all 50 US states


When you want to start your own company at one of our Clevver locations. We support 20 jurisdictions. Fast and digital company formation services. Get in contact with our formation experts now.


When you want to start your own company at one of our Clevver locations. We support 20 jurisdictions. Fast and digital company formation services. Get in contact with our formation experts now.


A virtual office is often a combination of address + local phone number. We offer phone numbers in 80 countries around the world. Easy to add to your postbox. Receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls using our ClevverNumber APP.

Clevver features at every location

Prestigious real street addresses

Choose from 62 prestigious worldwide addresses and bring your company to the international level.

Are you a freelancer who likes to travel and take your work with you to the most beautiful places in the world? If so, you probably enjoy having complete professional freedom, with one exception. Your post is sitting in your mailbox at home, unattended to while you’re away. The solution? Having full access to all your mail through one central portal, even when you are in a far-flung foreign country. Solving this issue could also help you expand your company into international markets, no matter where you are based. Prestigious worldwide business addresses are the first thing you have to consider when trying to present your business internationally to the wider world. With ClevverMail, you can choose from 62 such attractive business addresses and register them as your very own. All of the post arriving at your personal addresses will be prepared and made available for digital viewing in a virtual mailbox connected to your address. This means you can access your mail anytime, anywhere. You can save the time and stress of dealing with the physical post arriving from several different countries when operating internationally. What’s more, local business addresses are sure to improve your company’s reputation and the levels of customer loyalty in these far-off markets.

North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Choose one or more attractive business addresses and set them up in no time using the virtual assistant as your virtual office.

ClevverMail can offer you a wide selection of international business addresses that are spread over five continents and based in 62 cities. This means that your dream of having a high-profile downtown business address pretty much anywhere across the globe can become a reality thanks to one solid business partner: ClevverMail. Take a look and see which locations you can choose from when selecting the perfect business address. You can choose one or several, depending on your internationalization needs. Thanks to our virtual assistant, the registration of each address can be completed in just a few minutes, and you can start taking advantage of all the benefits immediately. One of these perks is that at all the available addresses, real staff are there on-site, ready to process and digitize your post. Thanks to these dedicated Clevver team-members, you can be sure that your mail is always in good hands – and has nothing to do with those dubious off-shore letterbox companies.


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