Our Story

“You often solve your own problems with new ventures”.

Some years ago we had a startup before Clevver. We were quite successful on the German market. So we thought about selling our products internationally to new markets.

But it was extremely difficult to get into the markets as there was no international, affordable and digital provider for international virtual offices services. Nobody that could provide us a company, a registered address, take care of our mail and give as a local phone number in one place. And especially no supplier could offer all services for different countries like the US, France, the UK, Spain and Italy as a one stop shop.

That was the birth of Clevver. A platform that gives you the opportunity to go into any market with minimum efforts. Clevver closes the obvious gap for fast and digital internationalization.

Today, Clevver offers company formation in 20 jurisdictions (more to come), registered address and digital postboxes at 80 locations (more to come), registered agent service in all 50 US states and local phone number service in 80 countries. We are adding many more legal products to our portfolio, like:

– Tax and Accounting
– Trademark licensing
– Gaming and Cyrpto licensing
– Bank Accounts, Escrow services
– Crowdfunding – OTC / ECM listings

And you can believe us there is many more interesting products to come. And all will be supported using our software. We love to see every day, that our software makes the handling and management of an international company easy and smooth. And as we want anybody to be able to use our software – we even made it white label capable.

So Clevver was founded to make the process of going international fun – with just a few clicks- completely digital: new markets, new customer groups and of course more sales for our customers. That is our mission!







We are the digital and international virtual office for Small and medium enterprises. Our product family range helps companies to do business in any country on the planet – easily and digitally.

Our vision, mission and values

We want to provide high-end services that allow our clients to do business in any country on earth – simply, efficiently and digitally.

We are expanding our worldwide partner network every day, expanding our range of products and offering our services on an exceptional software platform.

We are defined by
… versatility.
We serve a range of international customer groups with a variety of different services.
… excellence.
We always go the extra mile. We strive for perfection in everything we do. Our greatest asset is our satisfied customers.
… advancement.
We are driving progress in a digital way by actively and expertly – but not aggressively – improving an existing service. While also taking care to ensure consistent quality.
… integrity.
We deliver what we promise. We are transparent and easy to get hold of.

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