Be a Global Entrepreneur

From Toronto to Tokyo, from Paris to Perth,
with the virtual office solutions from Clevver,
the world is at your fingertips.

ClevverMail - Digital postboxes


Have a business address with a digital postbox at 63 locations worldwide. Make your company present around the world and be able to receive letters and parcels – in just a few clicks.

ClevverAddress - Business & Registered Address


Get an official company address to meet legal requirements! No matter if you need a registered agent or domiciliation, we got you covered. Use our special addresses to set up your local office abroad.

ClevverCOmpany - Incorporation Service


Start your new company with our digital incorporation process! Our experienced lawyers and location incoporation experts will set up your company within a few days.

ClevverNumber - International phone number


Have your own international local phone number! Be available to your customers via local and toll-free numbers in 79 countries around the globe. With our smart call routing, it doesn’t matter where you are.

Become a global entrepreneur!

As a business owner, you must have imagined what it would be like to elevate your venture to the international level. You will not be limited by the constraints of your local market, your very own brainchild will be appreciated across borders, and the overall impact of your decisions will be much more far-reaching. The number of your clients and partners will be multiplied, the amount of tasks you personally need to take care of will decrease, and you could calmly observe a system that you brought to life function on its own.

With our virtual office solutions, you can become a global entrepreneur as easy as 1-2-3. Expand your venture to dozens of countries and see your arms stretching to distances you never dreamed about. Just use our simple service and concentrate on the opportunities it opens to you – just like Lin did in our video. Have a look to get a general grasp of it all!

The ideal solutions for:


Do you like to travel and work from anywhere in the world? Still, you will need an address to receive your postal mail and packages with a 24/7 access.


You can easily sell your digital services to customers around the world. We give you all the services you need to go to worldwide markets digitally and virtually.

Small enterprises

Going international has never been that easy. We can provide you with a business address, a virtual office, a local phone number and even incorporate your subsidary.

Private individuals

We will receive all your postal mail and parcels, and you can view and manage them fully digitally. You can easily stay connected when on the move.

Known from Press

Build your business empire on which the sun never sets

We will make it easy for you to do business worldwide – providing you with all you need to succeed.

Digital Postbox

  • Set up an attractive new business address at a location of your choosing in just a few clicks
  • Allow friendly, dedicated Clevver staff to take care of your incoming letters and packages
  • Let us know online or by app if we should scan, forward or securely dispose of your mail
from € 5,45 / month

ClevverMail ►

International Phone Numbers

  • Offer a local point of contact with our toll-free & local numbers in 79 countries
  • Receive calls, text or fax from your customers wherever you are
  • Never miss an important call with our intelligent call routing and voicemail
from € 9,95 / month

ClevverNumber ►

Digital Company Incorporation

  • Benefit from our experience which will bring your business to the international level
  • Enjoy a stress-free company incorporation process, according to all local legal requirements
  • Become the owner of an international operating company fully digital and in no time
from € 129,00  

ClevverCompany ►

ClevverAddress - Business & Regiustered Address

Business & Registered Address

  • Using an address at a prestigious location will help you portray a professional image
  • Meet local legal requirements around the world with just a few clicks
  • This physical presence is your first step to business incoporation abroad
from € 19,95

ClevverAddress ►

The full infrastructure for your global expansion

Going global is easy with one solid business partner covering all important services for a quick start. Clevver will be your partner, and we will help you with everything you need to succeed with the internationalization of your business. Our digitized postal mail management service ClevverMail provides you with a real street address at 63 locations where you can have all your post received and processed (scanned, forwarded, etc.). ClevverNumber lets you book national, local and toll-free telephone numbers in 79 countries, while ClevverCompany grants an all-encompassing company incorporation service to you in the US, UK, Germany and more. And this is only a part of what we can do. Choose Clevver, and you’ll be rewarded with the highest possible levels of quality, discretion, security and integrity in several synergic fields. From our impressive array of global locations, you decide where you want to take your company to and which markets you wish to enter, near or far. You can instantly set up and manage your account from desktop or mobile, and a rock-solid foundation for your business abroad will be ready literally within minutes.


When you set up a virtual office with Clevver, you can be sure that all facets of your international expansion will be managed according to legal regulations and the highest possible security standards. The conscientious location staff, our customer relations team or our legal department will do everything to ensure legal compliance and privacy of your processes and your information while adhering to the strictest European data protection standards.


Be exactly where you want to be while knowing that your global expansion is being taken care of. Enjoy real independence by managing everything from everywhere, 24/7 online. Setup new subsidiaries abroad, access your postal mail or call your international clients from local numbers with our online surface and mobile apps. Being an international entrepreneur has never been so easy and flexible.


With Clevver, you experience working with a reliable partner that understands all the needs of your globalizing business. We are a visionary and forward-thinking company that always puts in 110%. And with our own company we have been at your point before. With our practical business solutions, we will help you expand to all corners of the earth without unnecessary costs or wasted energy.

Teamwork and Interaction

Internationalizing your business can often take a lot of time, money and effort. With the products offered by Clevver, you can utilize business solutions that perfectly integrate and build with each other. These solutions allow you to make your business truly international in an unbelievably short amount of time and with an affordable budget, so that you can immediately start making the most of new and untapped markets.

Making entrepreneurs around the world happy since 2013

“We use Clevver mainly for Amazon customer returns. Amazon requires us to have a return address in the countries we do business. ClevverMail is an excellent solution to our problem.”

Alex Lishchuk
CEO, BestPysanky

“I love using ClevverMail. I was going to get a PO box at my local post office, but I came across ClevverMail and it was exactly what I needed, and the price was attractive.”

Michelle Martin
Marketing Strategist & Blogger, Nerdy

“I am an internet marketing consultant for clients which I have around the globe. While I travel a lot for business, my clients prefer a “local” contact. With Clevver I found the solution.”

Jeff Lambert
Founder, Jeffinko Guru

Going global? – Be Clevver!

Internationalization as a service

We make it as simple as possible for you to do business in every country of your choice.
With our meta platform for internationalization, opening business entities in multiple countries is lean, fast and affordable.