Mail Forwarding Address

Sometimes, it feels as if the daily post delivers nothing but headaches. When you go on vacation, you have to tell them to put a hold on your mail, and cross your fingers that they remember to do it. Every time you move, you have to fill out one of those annoying change-of-address forms. When you’re expecting an important package, you’re always on tenterhooks in case it’s delivered while you’re out.

Now, there’s a better way to deal with the post office. Let ClevverMail do all the work for you. We start by giving you a new mailing address at our facility in Berlin. Whenever we receive mail at your address, we’ll pick it up, notify you via e-mail of the sender, the size of the item, and its weight, and even scan the outside of the package or envelope so you can see for yourself. Then decide if you want to read your mail online, trash it (we’ll even shred it for you!), or take advantage of our any-address mail forwarding service to send your mail to you – anywhere in the world!

Stop worrying about that important package. Let us sign for it for you, then pick a forwarding address to mail it at your convenience. Buying gifts for family and friends? Keep them away from prying eyes by holding them at our facility, then choose a different forwarding address to mail each package for personalized delivery. And you can forget about those annoying hold requests when you go on vacation. No matter where you’re staying, as long as you it has a valid forwarding address and mail access, you can get your important letters and documents delivered directly to your hotel. As an added bonus, we’ll filter out all your junk mail – anything that’s addressed to that “RESIDENT” who always seems to love “free” offers will be shredded automatically. And, since you can use mail forwarding to any address based on your preferences, you can time your deliveries around your schedule, not the post office’s.

ClevverMail’s any-address mail forwarding service is ideal for any home or business. We work with UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and other shipping companies worldwide. We’re based in Berlin, Germany, an international shipping and infrastructure hub, so you know we have what it takes to get your mail to you fast. Our servers are SSL-encoded in secure data facilities, so your virtual mail is always confidential. ClevverMail’s any-address mail forwarding is free to sign up for and cheap to use – try us today!