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You can choose your first worldwide business address for your letters and packages.

International correspondence brings with it a lot of mail in different sizes, formats, and weights. With most mail digitization services, you will find that not all of your incoming post will be properly cared for. Packages, for example, are often excluded from being processed. With ClevverMail, that’s not the case. You have 62 attractive worldwide addresses to choose from, where all of your mail – including, for the first time, packages – will be processed and made available for your digital viewing, all this with no restrictions on the volume of incoming mail or on the number of senders. You will be notified the moment any letters or packages arrive at your chosen business address, and you will receive all information pertaining to the post’s sender, weight, and format. Based on this information, you can then decide whether our staff should scan, forward, or discard the letters and/or packages that have arrived. General advertising or spam will be automatically weeded out of your incoming post, which means that you are only notified about the mail that is really important.

What happens to post that needs your signature?

Every now and then, letters and packages will arrive at your business address which require some kind of proof of identity or the personal acceptance from the receiving party: you. The good thing about ClevverMail is that this kind of important post can also reach you in your virtual mailbox, even if you’re not actually in New York or Singapore, or wherever your high-profile business address is. With your permission, our staff can sign for this post in your name without trouble and, of course, while observing the highest levels of discretion. The most important thing for us is that you have total peace of mind when using our services. We’re happy to advise you on how you can safely set up the mandate to allow our staff to process any mail that requires your signature or authentication.

Benefits of ClevverMail:

  • At all the business addresses, you can receive letters and, for the first time, also packages
  • Packages of all sizes, formats, weights, and from all senders are accepted
  • With your permission, you can also allow us to accept post that requires your authentication or signature
  • The processing of your mail is carried out with regard to the highest levels of security and discretion
  • You will be informed of the arrival of any letters and packages at your address immediately
  • The management of your digital system can be done easily online or through the mobile app
  • All letters and packages will be stored for a minimum of two days free of charge

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