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How to Change a Registered Agent?

When you started your company, you most likely designed a Registered Agent. And now you are thinking to change your registered agent for different reasons.

You can be rest assured, the process of changing an existing registered agent is not complicated. Just be sure to do it correctly so that you stay compliant with state laws.

What Is A Registered Agent?

If you want to know what a registered agent is please click here.

Why would you change the Registered Agent?

Of course there are many reasons that might make the change of your registered agent necessary. Often – and to safe costs – people designated a member of their LLC as the registered agent while forming the company. But over time this person cannot fulfill the “always be there policy” due to the expansion of the business. And surely there are more important daily tasks to take care of.

Or this person changed his private address. And therefore the address then officially needs to be changed for the Registered Agent as well.

Or the existing registered agent is not performing well or the costs are too high.

So How To Change Your Registered Agent Now?

The process to change the registered agent might vary from state to state. Also, there might be different fees for each state. These fees vary from zero to a small fee.

You can of course do the research on your own – check for the fees and find the right forms that need to be filled. Most states provide downloadable forms on their websites.

But to be 100% sure that the change is performed correctly, Clevver offers a FREE CHANGE service. Just tell us your existing Registered Agent and we take care of all paperwork and file the change on time.


Changing a registered agent is an easy and simple process. You can find all necessary information and forms on your states business office. Be aware that some states might take a small fee.

But if you want to be 100% sure that it works – use Clevver Change Service.

Registered Agent


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Change your registered agent now with just a few clicks.

Clevver offers a FREE CHANGE service.

Just tell us your current registered agent – and we do the paperwork

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