Virtual office in Berlin, Friedrichstraße

Your virtual office in Berlin, Friedrichstraße

  • One of the most popular streets in Berlin
  • Best price/performance ratio for mail handling
  • In the heart of Berlin

Clevver, virtual office services in Berlin:

For a comprehensive virtual office experience, you can book the following services:

Virtual business address for your company

The legal address, also known as – business address, virtual office address or registered address. This service gives an opportunity to rent a physical address for your business needs virtually.

That means that by renting a virtual office in Berlin our customers can use the address for their business needs without being physically present there. This virtual address service can be rented easily online and can be used in a few minutes after booking. No traveling needed at all.

All documents and rental agreements will be provided in a digital way. The virtual office is a 100% legal service that can help on saving office rental costs and improve business image.

  • Prestigious real street address
  • Address for registering with authorities
  • Address to be used for advertising / marketing
  • Summonable Address
  • Address usage for company registration
  • Rental agreement included
  • Online booking process
  • Available in a few minutes after booking

Mail handling service

This is a service which provides a local phone number. It is possible to make and receive calls on the number via App. You don’t need an additional sim card.

  • Receive Letters
  • Receive Packages
  • Personal Pickup
  • Real address
  • E-commerce return address
  • Receipt of large shipments/pallets
  • Mail management via App

Local Phone Number

This is a service which provides a local phone number. It is possible to make and receive calls on the number via App. You don’t need an additional sim card.

  • Local phone number​
  • Toll free phone number​
  • Phone number does not require own verification​
  • Make outgoing calls​

Benefits of the virtual office service in Berlin from Clevver:

  • Register with authorities
  • Prestigious locations for marketing
  • Look local for your target audience
  • Valid for company formation
  • Show business rental agreement

Because you can use the virtual office in Berlin to:

  • expand the business to the German market
  • save office renting costs
  • look „local“ when entering the new market
  • have a prestigious address in Berlin for marketing purposes
  • get outsource mail and parcels’ handling easy
  • have a legal address for company formation in Germany
  • protect your privacy
  • use Berlin address for your website’s imprint
  • use it in the legal documents

Yes, it is. It is 100% legal to use a virtual office solution for business purposes in Berlin and in the whole Germany.

Clevver takes all the legal aspects very seriously, that is why we are conducting a special 2-factor KYC procedure for our customers, to make sure, that everything stays compliant with the governmental regulations. 

  • Virtual office in Berlin from Clevver has a top location
  • Prestigious and recognizable virtual office address in Berlin 
  • Remote booking process – no traveling needed 
  • Easy mail and parcels handling service via App 
  • German phone number 
  • We provide our clients with a top customer service 
  • The services can be booked online 
  • Available after a few minutes after booking
  • 3, 6 & 12 month contracts available

Virtual office in Berlin Prices:

Answer these questions and get a custom result for your address

Customer Type

Choose Location

for your Virtual Office

Contract Duration i

You can use your Business Address for:

  • Receive personal mail
  • Receive packages
  • Receive postal mail from authorities
  • Business cards, marketing, company documents

Do you want to upgrade to Registered Address

With the Upgrade Registered Address, it’s to be used for:

  • Incorporate a company on this address i
  • Register your company on this address i
  • Get a rental agreement i


To manage incoming mail, scan mail and forward mail to any place worldwide.

How many letters/packages
do you expect per month? ​

Please confirm your Number of Letters

Your optimal tariff for the digital mailbox is: LITE (§).

You can change your tariff with us at any time if your letter volume changes.


Do you want to add a local phone number at your address:

Pricing Overview

Virtual office in Berlin

Berlin – Unter den Linden

12 month contract


Registered Address Upgrade


Security Deposit

Postbox LITE


/ year

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    Do you know that Clevver has also a company formation service in Germany?

    What is it?

    It is a service on forming a legal entity like UG or GmbH. This service is completely remote and can be requested from any place in the world. No traveling needed. The documents on incorporation will be provided digitally. It does not matter if you are EU or non-EU citizen – Clevver can create a company in Germany for you.

    Interested? – Send a request to our team and our professional will do the rest.