Virtual Office in Montreal


Clevver: your Virtual Office in Montreal

Expanding to Canada? A virtual office can provide a cost-effective and prestigious way to establish your business presence. Clevver virtual office solutions in Montreal can help you build trust, enhance communication, and scale your business seamlessly.

From a professional business address to local phone numbers and bank accounts, Clevver offers a range of modular services to meet your evolving needs. Discover how a Montreal virtual office can empower your company’s success in the Canadian market.

Clevver Virtual Office. How it works:

  • A prestigious business address to put on your website, marketing materials, and business cards.
  • A legal address to use when incorporating your company or registering for VAT.
  • Local phone numbers and virtual receptionists to give your business a more professional image.
  • A digital mailbox to receive and manage your mail and parcels remotely, from anywhere in the world.
  • Receive and manage mail digitally: We receive your letters and parcels, scan them into PDFs, and deliver them straight to your personal digital mailbox, accessible from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Access your original documents: Need the originals of your mail? Clevver will forward them from your business address in Montreal to anywhere in the world.
  • Ship worldwide: With just a few clicks, forward parcels and letters to any address worldwide.
  • Security first: Your digital files are safely stored on 256-bit, SSL-encrypted servers in secure data centers. We also offer unlimited on-site document disposal, so when you delete a letter from your digital mailbox, you can rest assured that it’s been shredded and recycled.

Why choosing a Clevver virtual office in Montreal :

Fully digital

Forget paper mail! You can have all your items digitized and managed from your mobile, tablet or PC

Safe & Secure

You don’t have to reveal your home address any more! Your mail items and personal information will be kept safe

24/7 online access

You can have everything scanned or forwarded online, anytime, anywhere!

Internationalize easily

Our global network of 65 locations help you go international on you own or with your business with only a few clicks

Building Your Montreal Business Presence

A Prestigious Montreal Address: Trust and Growth

A central, prestigious Montreal address fosters an image of trust, innovation, and a forward-thinking approach – all essential for business success. Our basic virtual office package provides just that: a genuine business address in your company name, located in the heart of Montreal. There are no suite numbers or PO boxes – just a professional foundation for your new market entry. This cost-effective solution simplifies setting up your presence in Montreal.

Scale Up Seamlessly with Our Modular Virtual Office

At Clevver, we understand that your virtual office needs evolve with your business growth. Our modular approach allows you to select only the services you require at any given time, keeping costs manageable and administration effortless. Our cloud software and mobile app ensure you can manage all aspects of your Montreal virtual office remotely, with speed and ease.

Enhanced Communication and Local Credibility

Clevver offers various options to complement your basic Montreal address. A popular choice is a local phone number linked to your address. This number can be forwarded anywhere, maintaining a local presence that puts customers at ease and boosts sales.

Complete Your Local Presence with Additional Services

Further enhance your local profile with translation services, a local phone number or tax and accounting services. We can even facilitate Canadian business incorporation at your Montreal virtual office address. This establishes a legally registered company with the ability to hire local employees and ensures full legal compliance.

Our service offerings are constantly expanding, making the Clevver virtual office service in Montreal the perfect platform for your organization’s growth.