Virtual Office in Zurich

Switzerland is a popular location for business, Zurich being especially popular, due to its reputation for business excellence and the world famous financial industry that is based there. For any organization looking to take advantage of the many opportunities provided by the Swiss markets, a virtual office in Zurich is a sensible, cost effective means of entering that market. Like many areas of Europe, entering the Swiss market with a real, physical presence, including an office, staff etc. is incredibly expensive, and really not practical for many organizations. However, we also know that a local presence can really help in entering new markets such as this, which is where the virtual office in Zurich offers an excellent solution.

Your virtual office
in Zurich

Switzerland’s financial capital.

A virtual office in Zurich brings with it the reputation of the city, that of trust, integrity and honesty. It is a perfect platform for a new business, and Clevvermail have constructed their virtual office in Zurich service to ensure it is flexible, easy to manage and cost efficient for any organization no matter what their needs. We understand that launching into a new market is not easy, and every facility available to the virtual office in Zurich will not be required from day one. That is why our service is modular, start with a business address and add on as it is required. This way the virtual office in Zurich grows with the business, and never adds unnecessary costs for things you simply do not need.

The most common addition to the address is our local phone number service, which provides a Zurich number that can be redirected to any phone wherever you are. Customers only pay for local calls and are never aware you could be somewhere else. Our local Bank Account service is also incredibly popular as an addition to your virtual office in Zurich, providing Swiss customers with a local pay option, this is an excellent addition, as even today many view international payments with suspicion.

As your success grows, the virtual office in Zurich service can keep up, with a translation service, website, email and domain setup, and an incorporation service that enables you to have a legal Swiss registered business operating from that virtual office in Zurich. The modularity means you only pay for the features use, costs remain under your control and the whole system is designed to be easily managed.

Your benefits of a Clevver virtual office in Zurich :

Fully digital

Forget paper mail! You can have all your items digitized and managed from your mobile, tablet or PC

Safe & Secure

You don’t have to reveal your home address any more! Your mail items and personal information will be kept safe

24/7 online access

You can have everything scanned or forwarded online, anytime, anywhere!

Internationalize easily

Our global network of 65 locations help you go international on you own or with your business with only a few clicks

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