Your Virtual Office in the USA with Clevver offers virtual office services in multiple locations around the world.
In the US, you can book your virtual office in major cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C. and many more locations.
A virtual office provides businesses with a prestigious rental address at a chosen location, without the need for a physical office space. This means you can use the address to represent your company, even if your team works remotely.

Key Benefits:

Real Business Address: Unlike a PO Box, a virtual office offers a real street address to enhance your company’s perceived professionalism.

Fast Mail Forwarding: Our team efficiently receives all your mail and packages at the chosen location. We then scan them for your convenience and allow you to forward them globally.

Local Phone Number (Optional): Project a local presence by adding a phone number specific to each virtual office city.

Global Network: Choose from our growing network of 9 virtual office locations in prime US cities. Select the address that best suits your business needs.

Quick and Easy Setup: Your virtual office is ready to receive mail within 5 minutes of booking on our user-friendly Clevver platform.

In essence, a virtual office grants you a professional business address, mail forwarding, and optional local phone numbers, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office lease.

The Virtual Office service from Clevver combines two major functions:​


    Most virtual addresses in a chosen location are used by our customers as a company`s mailing address. Your customers, partners and various authorities can address and send any letter and package to this address.

    Our Team in each location will receive your mail items and add them to your Digital Mailbox. And then you can choose if you want your mail to be scanned, forwarded, stored or shredded.


    For a truly complete virtual office experience and a local presence that feels genuine, a local phone number is key. That’s why our platform makes adding one a breeze – it only takes a few clicks!

    Any incoming calls will be forwarded to any phone number worldwide. And you can make outgoing calls using our ClevverNumber APP. No Sim Card needed.

A virtual office offers a unique solution for businesses seeking a professional image without the commitment of a traditional lease. Imagine having a prestigious address in a prime US city, even if your team works remotely. This is the power of a virtual office – it grants you a real street address, not a generic PO Box, to enhance your company’s credibility and project a local presence.

The benefits extend beyond just the address. Our team acts as your on-site representative, efficiently receiving all your mail and packages. No need to worry about missed deliveries – we’ll scan them for your convenience and allow you to seamlessly forward them anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, you can bolster your local presence by adding a phone number specific to each virtual office city. This allows you to connect with clients and partners on a regional level, fostering a sense of accessibility.

The beauty of a virtual office lies in its flexibility. With a growing network of locations across the US, you can choose the address that best aligns with your business goals. Whether you’re targeting a specific market or simply want a prestigious location, we have you covered.

And the best part? Setting up your virtual office is a breeze. Our user-friendly Clevver platform allows you to be up and running within just five minutes of booking. That’s right, your virtual office will be ready to receive mail almost instantly, giving your business a professional edge from the get-go.

In short, a virtual office is a cost-effective way to elevate your company’s image. It provides a real address, efficient mail forwarding, and the option for local phone numbers – all without the burden of a traditional office lease. ​

  • Prestige & Marketing​

    Virtual office in the USA can be beneficial for marketing, business expansion and localization. If a company has an address in the USA, it looks prestigious for customers and investors. Also, if the target market is the US one, the virtual office address in the USA can help a business to look „local“, gain trust on the market quicker and facilitate sales. Having a virtual office in the USA can open up all sorts of doors for a business. When an office comes from the United States, more and more clients will be ready to give their trust and money. By establishing a virtual office in the USA, you can have the entire world at your fingertips. Local shoppers will love the fact that you are based in the United States. You will not only gain many new customers, you will also gain a great reputation in the United States. With all the different companies in the USA, your virtual office in the USA will be added to greatness.​

  • Practicality & service​

    What does it mean to have a virtual office in the USA? It means that you will be able to do your business from anywhere in the world with an address that is in the United States. That is a very practical solution, especially for e-commerce and other online business models. Also, the virtual mailing address is a practical tool for entrepreneurs, to get rid of mail handling headache. Focus on what you do the best, and we will take care of routine.​

  • Save costs – practical for startups​

    Renting a physical office can be very pricey, especially in business areas of big cites. For a startup or beginning entrepreneurs, virtual offices can be a flexible and cost-effective solution.​

    Get your virtual office in the USA and open up your windows to many more sales, a wallet that is growing, and products that your new customers will ask for again. You will be so surprised how well a virtual office in the USA can help your business grow.

Virtual Office Locations in the USA – Clevver:

  • Chicago​
  • Colorado Springs​
  • Indialantic​
  • New York City
  • Pittsburgh
  • Portland
  • Washington D.C.
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Miami
  • Zephyrhills

Is a virtual office right for my business?

This solution can be practical for solo-entrepreneurs, freelancers, one person-businesses, startups that want to save costs. Also, it can work for various small and middle size companies, that has their business online mostly, like ecommerce, IT, marketing, consulting and similar.

Considering a virtual office in the US can be a smart move for businesses seeking a professional image and operational flexibility. If your team works remotely or you’re targeting a specific US market, a virtual office provides a prestigious address to elevate your brand perception. Plus, you’ll benefit from mail forwarding and the option for local phone numbers, fostering a sense of accessibility for clients.

Can I Use a Virtual Office to Register My Business in the US?

In most countries, you can register a business using a virtual office address. However, the US has a unique requirement called a “Registered Agent.” This service acts as your official business address for legal purposes during the registration process. , that is acting as a business address from company registration. ​

Clevver provides Registered Agent Services in all 50 USA States

In the United States, every company is required to have a Registered Agent service. This designated individual or company acts as your official business address for legal purposes. They receive important documents on your behalf, such as government notifications, tax notices, and court documents. Registered Agent services typically start around $199 / €109 per year.​

If you require a broader mail handling solution for regular mail and packages, a virtual office or digital mailbox might be a better fit. These services offer features beyond legal documents, including:

    Receiving and forwarding all your business mail Secure online storage of scanned documents Optional features like package forwarding and business address usage

Do you want to change your Registered Agent?

Clevver has a FREE change service for your registered agent, just provide us with the data, and we will take care of the rest.​