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Clevver Offers Remote Company Registration in Malta

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  • Malta has a favorable geographical location. 
  • The state is a full member of the EU.
  • There is a stable political and economic system in the country. 
  • In Malta, there is a progressive legislative base. 
  • The country signed an extensive number (over 70) of double taxation treaties around the world. 
  • Malta is renowned as one of the friendliest ICO jurisdictions in the EU, thanks to its legislative framework governing cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and related activities. 
  • The Republic of Malta is a developed financial center.
  • Specialists of Clevver perform easy quick registration of the Maltese company remotely. The personal presence of the client in Malta is not required. 

Malta is an island country in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a developed tourism industry and is a popular banking center and international business registration place. On May 1, 2004, the Republic officially became a member of the European Union. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are attracted by the favorable Maltese taxation and lenient requirements for doing business. 

Setting up a firm in Malta can bring considerable benefits and provides a means for the judicious distribution of business profits. Also, among other advantages of Maltese incorporation, there are regulations allowing to avoid double taxation. 

With an impressive portfolio of incorporation around the world, Clevver has mastered how to open up a business in a variety of countries in the fastest and most efficient manner. We will guide you through the entire process of registering a Maltese company, helping you to get rid of the unnecessary bureaucratic and legal hurdles that entrepreneurs often face when setting up a company in Malta. 

The Clevver company offers the best solutions to make the online incorporation process in this jurisdiction as simple, fast, and easy as possible for our clients. Visit our site to learn more

Taxation in Malta 

According to the law, a company registered in Malta, or its governing body (head office), is located in the country and the company itself carries out activities abroad — it is considered as a resident of the Republic of Malta and must pay taxes. 

Here are the basic taxes Maltese companies are obliged to pay: 

  • Corporate income tax, which maximum rate is 35%

Though there is a possibility to lessen this tax burden. Non-resident shareholders who receive dividends may claim a tax refund on dividends. The tax refund occurs within 45 days from the date of payment of dividends from taxable sources. 

  1. 6/7 tax on income from trading activities. In this case, no more than 5% of the original tax is payable; 
  2. 5/7 tax on income from royalties and deposits. Thus, no more than 10% of the original tax is payable; 
  3. 2/3 corporate income tax if double taxation relief is used. 
  4. 100% tax refund on income from participation in the holding company. 
  • Value Added Tax 

The current regular rate of VAT is 18% (reduced rate of 7%, 5%, 0% applies in strictly defined cases). Value Added Tax is levied on goods and services sold within the country and imported from countries outside of the European Union. 

  • Capital gains tax 

The tax is levied on capital growth by increasing the indicator of non-current assets, added to other income of the company. The tax rate is 35%. 

Why Incorporate in Malta with Clevver? 

Company registration in Malta with Clevver is a well-structured procedure with no room for blunders or ignorance. Our highly qualified specialists provide entrepreneurs wishing to register their business in the Republic of Malta with comprehensive advice and constant support. 

Company formation in Malta does not require the client's personal presence, Clevver's legal experts will do everything remotely and provide the necessary documentation in digital form. 


  • The assistance of the legal experts of the highest qualification;   
  • The remote process of starting up a company in Malta; 
  • A complete set of documents on the company formation that can be assessed digitally;
  • Possibility to receive many extra to business incorporation services in Malta (a registered address, mail-handling service, a local phone number, and many more)   
  • Time-efficient proceeding of an application for the business incorporation service;   
  • Regular customer support and individual approach to each client. 

With the adoption of a legislative framework regulating cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and related activities, Malta has become a premium hub for Financial Technology and has even been named Blockchain Island. For those who are interested in ICOs in Malta, we are ready to provide legal consultations and appropriate services. Contact us to learn more. 

Final Thoughts 

Malta is a promising country in the Mediterranean Sea, located between Europe and Africa. The Republic of Malta can safely be called a promising jurisdiction for entrepreneurship. This is due to the political stability of the Mediterranean island-state, its well-developed and structured finance and tax systems, and a high level of economic growth. Maltese company owners can benefit greatly from the country's stable economy and favorable business environment. 

Our team provides support in the remote registration of a company in Malta. We eagerly advise you on related issues arising during the incorporation process. You can start the formation of your Maltese business entity right now!