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ClevverCrypto — New Awesome Service Offered by Clevver

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  • 15th Oct 2021


    You run the company, we take care of the paperwork

    Entrepreneurship is an opportunity to express yourself, to build a business to your liking, and to achieve success in a field of interest to you. This is true as well as the fact that it requires a high degree of self-organization and attention to detail, to your corporate documents in particular.  

    One of the most important aspects of nurturing a successful business is meeting the legal requirements of the country/state where it is incorporated. These requirements include the preparation of proper documents and reports within strict deadlines, and meeting them can be extremely time-consuming and generally confusing. 

    Clevver understands this as no one else and as always offers a helping hand of expertise. One of the newest services provided by our organization is the Clevver Compliance Center. It provides a range of solutions to ensure that your business is always one step ahead when it comes to the "punctuality" of your company in terms of preparing and submitting the necessary legal papers. Let us have a closer look at the Clevver Compliance Center and find out all its cool features. 

    What is the Clevver Compliance Center? 

    We have developed the Clevver Compliance Service — a company calendar for a legal filing. In other words: a platform where you can have a full overview of your company and all legal documents that are needed to be submitted to authorities including important due dates. The Center can be used for any company worldwide. This FREE OF CHARGE service offers you both: a single place to store all the important information of your organization (data about a company, contacts, shareholders, etc.) plus a standard compliance calendar with all the important due dates for filing both your corporate documents and tax reports. And if you have important dates that you do not want to miss? With a few clicks, they can be added to your individual calendar.  

    Interested? There is even more! With the Compliance Center, you will be able to apply for any filing that is needed to keep your company compliant or book other Clevver services such as the legal addresses and /or incorporation of a new company directly from your account. It is also worth mentioning that you can add and manage as many companies as you like to the Compliance Center. 

    To start using the Clevver Compliance Service it’s enough to do three steps: 

    • Register and open a free Clevver Account; 
    • Register your company information: name, organizational form and country of registration; 
    • Voila! Use the Compliance Calendar together with other awesome perks from Clevver and enjoy entrepreneurship without fear to miss any important due date. 

    The Clevver Compliance Center Features 

    Our team tried to make the service as easy to use as possible and still it holds a lot of different valuable functions. With the help of the Clevver Compliance Center it is possible: 

    • Adding details of one /many companies from different countries around the world (information about the organization structure, officers, corporate documents, tax files, banking and accounting info, important contacts, etc.) & having a comprehensive overview in one place; 
    • Obtaining a single secure and practical place to store your company's important documents, both current and past. Accessibility of viewing the full history of added files is provided; 
    • Receiving a compliance calendar with a notification function of all-important filing due dates, depending on the country of incorporation of the business. For now, we maintain a standard compliance calendar in the United States / the United Kingdom / Germany. Further jurisdictions will be added over time; 
    • Customizing the compliance calendar (add your own dates to the calendar); 
    • Obtaining support from the Clevver’s partners to prepare necessary legal documents/reports on-demand; 
    • Reservation of other Clevver services such as legal addresses and worldwide incorporation directly from the user's Personal Account. 

    The use of the Compliance Center is free of charge. You pay only for individually booked services from Clevver. Learn more on our website


    The Clevver company created and put into operation a new multifunctional service — Compliance Center. Its use will greatly simplify docility with state requirements for the preparation and submission of necessary documentation as it provides a compliance calendar for businesses incorporated in different countries.  

    In addition, the Clevver Compliance Center offers a set of notably useful features (data storage, compliance calendar customization, on-demand support from legal partners of Clevver, etc.) as well as quick access to our other products such as assistance with Global Incorporation and Legal Addresses. Make managing your business easier today, start using the Clevver Compliance Center

    Disclaimer: Clevver Inc. / Clevver GmbH does not provide legal advice itself. All legal services in the Compliance Center will be performed by the network of partner lawyers and tax accountants/ advisors who provide the necessary individual legal and tax advice. Any legal or tax advice in this communication (including any attachments) is for information purposes only and is not intended to be used, and cannot be used against Clevver or its Sender. The sender is neither an Accountant nor a Lawyer and cannot be made liable. Please, contact your tax accountant for individual consultation.  

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