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  • 20th Aug 2021

    Pandemic Legacy — Future Technological Trends in Company’s Development

    There is no doubt that the years 2020 & 2021 will be etched in the memory of modern people for a long time. The entire business world was literally paralyzed by the pandemic and it was a frightening and eye-opening experience for business owners. The only thing that allowed a few companies to keep moving forward was the creative use of available modern technologies. 

    The consequences of the coronavirus outbreak and its rapid spread around the world will be felt by entrepreneurs for a long time to come. The fight against Covid-19 is not over and it is too early to make an exhaustive analysis of its impact on modern business trends, but it is already clear what direction these trends will take shortly. 

    The top global tech trends of the nearest future can be divided into 2 subgroups:  

    • Leveling the importance of the location of business partners;  
    • Developing clear mechanisms to withstand negative changes and market volatility.  

    As the famous saying goes, "informed is armed. Read the material below to "arm yourself" with the essential knowledge about the most relevant global technology trends. 

    Location of Businesses Won’t Be an Issue Soon 

    The subgroup under discussion includes the following tech trends:  

    • Distributed Cloud 

    The dispersed cloud will be the next level of development for public clouds. In essence, it is the location of public cloud services outside the provider's physical data centers, while still being controlled by the provider. The shift from a centralized public cloud to a shared public cloud ushers in a new era of cloud computing. This technology eliminates the importance of data centers’ location, solves technical and regulatory issues. 

    • The availability of businesses both online and physically  

    This trend will play a critical role in which companies will be able to overcome the post-Covid crisis and continue to operate successfully. Essentially, this pattern allows businesses to function online and offline. With the total digitalization progressing rapidly, the line between those operations that can be done remotely and face-to-face will be erased for good. Businesses should adapt their products so that they can be reached both online and in-person to keep the lights on in the nearest future. Clevver is ''catching the wave'' and supports remote company formation in more than 20 locations worldly. Stay in tech trend — be Clevver. 

    • Cybersecurity net  

    The cybersecurity net is a decentralized concept aimed at protecting the identity of a remote corporate network user. It is one of the top technology trends that is currently evolving rapidly. This approach ensures that only authorized users (or systems) have access to the corporate system, whether they are local or cloud-based. The cybersecurity net should help IT managers with the resource protection from each access point while keeping an intruder out of the system. 

    Building Resilience to Negative Changes — the Key to Business Prosperity  

    • Intelligent Composite Business  

    Intelligent Compound Business implies that applications and packaged business capabilities must be treated as separate building blocks of functionality, accessible through APIs. They can be developed in-house or provided by vendors, and the new framework will combine the business capabilities of individual packages and databases. This approach will allow companies to reconfigure their business quickly.  

    In summary, the Intelligent Combined Business is a business that can modify and essentially rebuild itself depending on the current situation.  

    • AI engineering  

    Artificial intelligence projects often meet support, scalability, and management challenges that make them complex and difficult to execute for most average companies.  

    Artificial Intelligence Engineering, in its turn, offers the way in which AI is already part of the development process rather than a set of unrelated projects. It integrates different disciplines, thereby providing a more apparent way to profitability combining multiple AI techniques use.   

    • Hyper automation  

    The idea of Hyperautomation is the total automation of all possible processes within the company. It should be carried out by organizations with outdated business processes which create costly problems.  

    Numerous businesses are maintained by a "bunch" of either not optimized or connected technologies. At the same time, the dispatch of the business requires efficiency and customization. Companies that don't focus on digital effectiveness and business coordination will be left behind in subsequent years.  


    Modern businesses have always needed to keep up with the times and current tech trends to remain profitable. The pandemic has shown that technology, as never before, is playing a decisive role in who can stay in business. That's why, as the global economy slowly recovers from the devastating effects of Covid-19, business owners need to keep a close eye on technology trends and make the necessary changes in their companies to be successful. Clevver is there for you for this purpose. We offer virtual offices (Digital Mailboxes) as well as assistance in remote company formations worldwide. Check out our website to find out more about our products.

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