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  • 05th Jan 2022

    Legal Addresses for Your Business Worldwide


    The legal address is the official address of the registered company confirming that this business institution is a legal organization, which actually exists and conducts its business lawfully. Also, it gives the opportunity to contact the firm, in case of any concerns from the authorities or clients’ side at that address.  

    Most respectful jurisdictions demand incorporated companies to own an official address to consider them a legal entity. Certainly, this address must be in public availability. It is mainly used to accept correspondence (letters and legal notices) from government agencies, investors, banks, shareholders, and the general public. 

    In various regions across the globe, the official address of the company is called differently, while, generally, denoting all the same concept. The most distinctive names of the legal address are: 

    • Registered address; 
    • Registered agent; 
    • Registered office address; 
    • Domiciliation. 

    ClevverAddress, a service from us, is able to provide you with all the mentioned above types of official addresses in more than 130+ locations worldwide. To start using legal addresses from Clevver, it is enough to register within the system and book the needed service. You can register and book any of the available official addresses right now! 

    Different Names for Legal Addresses  

    As mentioned above, there are different names for the official address of the company globally. Let us try to familiarize ourselves with each of them in more detail.  

    Registered Address  

    The legal address holds the name “registered address” in the jurisdictions of the United Kingdom and Hong Kong beside others. 

    Hong Kong 

    According to the laws of Hong Kong, every company must have a registered address in this jurisdiction. This place serves as the address for receiving corporate mail from the government. It must be a physical address and cannot be a post office box.  

    If you need a registered address in Hong Kong, Clevver can help you with this. Also, at this location, a mail-and-parcel handling service is available. 

    The commencing pay for the registered address in Hong Kong is 109,95 € /Month. 

    The digital postbox in Hong Kong can be obtained for 25,95 € /Month. (starting price)

    Learn more about our services in Hong Kong hereabouts

    The United Kingdom 

    The registered address is a legal requirement for all LTDs and LLPs incorporated in the UK. Companies House or HMRC provides organizations with an official address for delivering legal notices and statutory mail. It must be a physical postal address. 

    In the UK, Clevver provides a registered address of an extra class, on St. Martin’s Lane, the main street of business London. Accordingly, the mail-and-parcel handling service is obtainable at this location. 

    The registered address in the UK, London/ St. Martin’s Lane, is available for 9,95 € /Month. (starting price)

    The starting price for a digital postbox in the UK, London/ St. Martin’s Lane, is 8,95 € /Month.

    To get more info on the Clevver products in the UK, London/ St. Martin’s Lane, click here

    Registered Agent in the US 

    A Registered Agent is a mandatory service for all registered in the USA companies. The Registered Agent is legally allowed to receive official letters and documents on behalf of the organization. This includes, for instance, tax notices, court documents, letters from government agencies, etc. 

    The Registered Agent service is available in every of the 50 US States if you apply to Clevver! The starting price is 109 € /Year. 

    Go to our website, receive more info about the Registered Agent in the USA and book the service today

    In case, you already have a Registered Agent and would like to change it for Clevver’s one, we’ll do everything for you ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE! Simply press here to start. 

    Registered Office Address 

    A Registered office address is needed to record your company with the authorities — incorporate. It often includes a rental contract as well as your company name on the door. It can be used to receive different kinds of mail from government bodies /customers. 

    The official address has the name “registered office address” in the jurisdictions of Germany and the Netherlands beside others. 


    Under the laws of the country, all German companies must have a registered office address. This location serves as the address for receiving corporate mail from the authorities. In Germany, Clevver offers legal addresses/ digital mailboxes in 5 major cities at once. One of the top places is our new location in Berlin, on the Under den Linden Boulevard

    The commencing payment for the registered office address in Germany, Berlin/ the Under-den-Linden Boulevard, is 79,95 € /Month. 

    The digital postbox in Germany, Berlin/ the Under-den-Linden Boulevard, can be purchased for 9,95 € /Month. (starting price)

    Find more details about our services in Berlin, on the Under den Linden Boulevard

    The Netherlands

    Every Dutch company must possess a registered office address. The location is obliged to be a real physical address for the government bodies to send correspondence there. 

    In the Netherlands, Clevver offers legal addresses in two great cities: Amsterdam (69,95 € /Month) and Rotterdam (59,95 € /Month). 

    You can buy the digital postbox in Amsterdam /Rotterdam for 6,95 € /Month. (starting price) 

    *Registered office addresses are available only to business clients* 


    Domiciliation refers to where the legal seat of a company is located. Generally, it is a company’s registered office address that is used for legal purposes. It has to be a physical location, not just a PO Box. Many countries require a company to have domiciliation within their jurisdiction, France, Malta, and Switzerland are no exceptions. You can get a closer look at the locations in Malta and Switzerland right here


    The French authorities demand an organization to have an official address (domiciliation) for receiving mail from them. It is hard enough for a foreign entrepreneur/ company to receive domiciliation in this jurisdiction. Together with a local partner, Clevver assists with obtaining a domiciliation in France, Paris/ Issy-les-Moulineaux

    The domiciliation in France, Paris/ Issy-les-Moulineaux, is available for 59,95 € /Month. (beginning price) 

    The starting price for a digital postbox in France, Paris/ Issy-les-Moulineaux is 6,95 € /Month. 

    To get more info on the Clevver products in Paris/ Issy-les-Moulineaux click here


    There are various names for "legal addresses" in different countries around the world. The most common are Registered address, Registered agent, Registered office address, and Domiciliation. All these types of legal addresses can be purchased if cooperate with us. For more information, please, visit our website

    If you’ve already made up your mind and are ready to start using legal addresses from Clevver, just click here:

    Register and book now!

    DISCLOSURE NOTICE:  Any legal or tax advice in this communication (including any attachments) is for information purposes only and is not is intended to be used, and cannot be used against Clevver or its Sender. The sender is neither an Accountant nor a Lawyer and cannot be made liable. Please, contact your tax accountant for individual consultation. Clevver does not provide any legal advice itself. Clevver works together with a network of lawyers and tax advisors that provide all necessary individual legal advice. 

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