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  • 03rd Sep 2021

    Register a Company in Sweden — Let Your Business Prosper


    • Sweden is a high-income country; 
    • The country is a full member of the European Union; 
    • The state is one of the most prosperous countries in terms of foreign investment;
    • The Kingdom of Sweden has a competitive economy; 
    • The country enjoys a reputation as a reliable trading partner on the international market; 
    • Sweden authorities are tolerant of businesses established by foreign entrepreneurs; 
    • The government of Sweden signed DTAs with more than 90 states;   
    • The Clevver team is ready to assist in the fully remote incorporation of a Swedish company. All the necessary documents can be accessed digitally. 

    Sweden is a developed European country located in the Scandinavian region. Its economy is characterized as diverse and highly competitive. The country has a modern infrastructure, excellent internal and external communications, and a highly skilled workforce. It enjoys a reputation as a prosperous country and a reliable partner in the global business market. 

    Sweden is one of the top 20 richest countries in the world with a high per capita income. In addition to being a member of the EU, it is also a full part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the European Council, the WTO, the Nordic Council, and the UN. 

    The government of the jurisdiction did its best to create and maintain the conditions for favorable and successful entrepreneurship. This is confirmed by the 10th place in the global 2020 World Bank ranking of countries where it is easy to do business. Beside other things, your business will be offered good taxation conditions, and the reputation of the country as such will not make anyone question the legitimacy of the company. 

    With Clevver's support, the formation of a business entity in Sweden will be quick and in compliance with all mandatory procedures and requirements. More info is here

    Taxation in Sweden 

    Here are the main taxes businesses pay out in Sweden: 

    • Corporate income tax 

    As of January 2021, Sweden's corporate tax rate is 20.6%. It applies to all corporate income. While resident legal entities are responsible for paying tax on their worldwide income (unless special exemptions or tax treaties apply), non-resident businesses are taxed on incomes earned in Sweden. 

    • VAT 

    The standard Swedish VAT rate is 25% on all goods and services, reduced rates of 12% and 6% apply to certain goods. 

    • Capital gains tax 

    In Sweden, capital gains of legal entities are not taxable if: income is received from the sale of shares of a resident company or foreign company (under certain conditions). Otherwise, a tax rate of 20.6% applies. 

    All companies in Sweden are required to keep accounting reports, which record all transactions that took place during the year. The documents are kept at the company's registered office and must be accessible to the regulatory authorities. 

    Why Choose Sweden for Company Formation 

    Those wishing to build up a business in Sweden will be pleased to find out how many advantages leading to business success this jurisdiction can offer:  

    • Economic and financial stability; 
    • Membership in the European Union;  
    • The sufficient level of technology;  
    • The powerful legal system;  
    • Skilled labor force.

    Registration of a Swedish Business Entity  

    Foreign entrepreneurs worldwide find this jurisdiction very attractive to start a company and seek ways to organize their business here. If you’re one of them, stop searching and apply to us. 

    Clevver specialists will readily lend you a helping hand to commence your Swedish company formation procedure as soon as you contact us and everything is agreed and clear on both sides. 


    • The assistance of the well-versed specialists;     
    • The remote process of cooperation with us;
    • A complete package of legal documentation on the company registration in a digital format;     
    • Possibility to obtain numerous extra to business incorporation services in Sweden (a registered address, mail and parcel handling service, and a local phone number);  
    • Constant customer support and individual approach to each client.   

    Final Thoughts 

    The Kingdom of Sweden is rightfully recognized as one of the most developed and richest nations in the world. Company formation in Sweden provides entry to one of the most innovative countries in the world with advanced IT and biomedicine segments. 

    If you want to register a company in Sweden remotely, Clevver specialists will provide you with the support you need to create your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to start your company formation process in Sweden already today. 

    DISCLOSURE NOTICE: Any legal or tax advice in this communication (including any attachments) is for information purposes only and is not intended to be used, and cannot be used against Clevver or its Sender. The sender is neither an Accountant nor a Lawyer and cannot be made liable. Please, contact your tax accountant for individual consultation. Clevver does not provide any legal advice itself. Clevver works together with a network of lawyers and tax advisors that provide all necessary individual legal advice.

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