Getting an EORI Number in Germany: Steps and Requirements

An Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number is a unique identifier, mandatory for businesses engaged in importing or exporting goods in or out of the European Union, including Germany. This system was established to streamline customs procedures and improve security. In this article, we delve into the most commonly asked questions about EORI numbers in Germany, providing a clear roadmap for businesses involved in international trade.

What is an EORI Number?

An EORI number is a unique identification number that is used by customs authorities across the EU to monitor and track shipments. In Germany, it is crucial for companies involved in international trade to have an EORI number as it simplifies the process of declaring imported or exported goods to customs authorities. This number is recognized all across the EU and is required for all economic operators.

How to Get an EORI Number in Germany?

Obtaining an EORI number in Germany involves a straightforward process:

  1. Determine if you need an EORI number. Generally, it’s required if your business is involved in importing or exporting goods outside the EU.
  2. Apply online via the German Customs website. You will need to provide business details, including your VAT number.
  3. After submission, the German Customs office will process your application and issue the EORI number.

Who Needs an EORI Number in Germany?

Any business entity involved in international trade activities, including import and export outside the EU, requires an EORI number. This applies to all types of goods, regardless of their value. It’s not typically necessary for private individuals unless they are involved in regular international trade.

Using the EORI Number in Trade

Once obtained, the EORI number should be used in all documentation related to customs activities. It is essential for customs declarations and for many other customs-related documents. Without it, you may experience delays in customs clearance, leading to potential disruptions in your supply chain.

Renewal and Updates of EORI Number

In Germany, an EORI number does not usually require renewal, as it remains valid as long as your business is operational. However, any changes to your business information should be promptly updated with the German Customs authorities to ensure that your EORI number reflects accurate and current business details.

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    EORI Number in Germany: an example

    An EORI number in Germany typically follows a specific format, integrating the country code with the business’s unique VAT number.

    For instance, a standard German EORI number could look like “DE123456789”, where ‘DE’ is the country code for Germany, followed by the company’s nine-digit VAT number. This structure not only ensures consistency across the European Union but also facilitates easy recognition and processing by customs authorities.

    For businesses engaging in international trade, understanding this format is crucial as it is required in various customs documents and procedures. The EORI number serves as a key identifier in the EU’s efforts to secure and streamline customs processes, making it an indispensable part of international trade logistics for German companies.

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    How long does it take to get an EORI number in Germany?

    The time frame for obtaining an EORI number in Germany is typically quite efficient. Once the application is submitted online through the German Customs website, the processing time can vary but generally takes only a few days. The exact duration can depend on the completeness and accuracy of the information provided in the application.

    In cases where additional documentation or clarification is required, this might extend the processing time. However, the German Customs authorities are known for their effectiveness and strive to ensure a swift turnaround to facilitate uninterrupted international trade.

    Businesses planning to engage in import or export activities should factor in this processing time to ensure they have their EORI number ready ahead of their international trading activities.

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    Gettin an EORI number in Germany – Frequently asked Questions

    Is there a cost associated with obtaining an EORI number in Germany?

    No, obtaining an EORI number in Germany is usually free of charge. However, other services provided by customs authorities may have associated fees.

    Do I need a separate EORI number for each EU member state I trade with?

    No, your EORI number is unique to you or your business and is valid throughout the entire EU. You do not need a separate EORI number for each member state.

    What should I do if I change my business details or address after obtaining an EORI number?

    You must notify the customs authorities of any changes to your business information or address. Failure to do so may result in issues during customs clearance.

    Is an EORI number the same as a VAT number or tax identification number (TIN)?

    No, an EORI number is different from a VAT number or TIN. While an EORI number is used for customs purposes, a VAT number is used for taxation within the EU, and a TIN is a broader tax identification number.

    What are the consequences of not having an EORI number when trading in Germany?

    Trading without an EORI number can lead to customs delays, fines, and other legal issues. It is a legal requirement for international trade within the EU.

    Is there a central database to verify EORI numbers in the EU?

    Yes, there is a central database called the European EORI system, which allows you to verify the validity of EORI numbers across all EU member states.

    Remember that specific requirements and procedures may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to consult with the German Customs authorities or a professional advisor for the most up-to-date information related to EORI numbers in Germany.


    The EORI number is a critical component for seamless international trading within and outside the EU. Understanding its importance, the application process, and its usage in customs documentation is vital for businesses to ensure compliance and efficiency in their international trade endeavors. As global trade continues to evolve, staying informed and compliant with such regulatory requirements is key to maintaining smooth operations in international commerce.

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