Buy International Shelf Corporations
and Aged Companies

  • Fast transfer of company shares
  • With or without bank account
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Buy International Shelf Corporations and Aged Companies

If you want to open Shelf Corporation with or without a bank account, Clevver is the right partner. We offer a wide range of international and offshore companies with an easy and fast processing.

What is a Shelf Company?

Shelf Company Solutions

A shelf corporation or aged company is a corporation that was filed on a prior date and put on the “shelf” to age. So acquire an existing company instead of a freshly established one. Why is that beneficial? Age brings corporate history in a legal manner. And all entities that are available with us are in good standing through constant maintenance. Any necessary share capital was paid in. If you need to change the name of the company, this can easily been done against a fee. Be aware that some companies come with a bank account and some without.

Get in contact with our team to find the best shelf company solution for you.

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Your country is missing?

Shelf companies are also available in many other countries available

Our start-up specialists can set up companies in many other countries.

Contact our specialists – we will find a tailor-made solution for you.

Benefits of a Shelf Company

Buying a aged corporate entity, you have the following benefits:

  • Access to an international company database
  • Fast access and availability of company
  • Company history brings trust to partners and customers
  • Some aged companies come with a bank account
  • Company has a full legal aged background
  • History of filings and company in good standing
  • Full access to Clevver Compliance Center to keep your company compliant over time

Shelf company list for sale:

Country / State Incorporation Date Price Company
Germany 2020 $3.500,00 Handels **** UG
Germany 2019 $5.900,00 Partner **** GmbH
Germany 2021 $4.900,00 Capita**** GmbH
Switzerland 2022 $21.999,00 Treu**** AG
Switzerland 2020 $23.299,00 Swiss Ca**** AG
Switzerland 2014 $27.299,00 Zurich K**** AG
Switzerland 2019 $9.200,00 Swiss Ho**** GmbH
Switzerland 2004 $13.299,00 EuroSwi**** GmbH
Hong Kong 2022 $2.399,00 Peak Ho**** Ltd.
Hong Kong 2022 $2.799,00 Workfl**** Ltd.
Hong Kong 2017 $5.399,00 AG Mana**** Ltd.
Hong Kong 2016 $5.999,00 Leadin**** Ltd.
USA, Delaware 2020 $899,00 Techmo**** LLC
USA, Delaware 2019 $1.299,00 Ready Un**** LLC
USA, Delaware 2017 $1.799,00 Central B**** Inc.
USA, Delaware 2015 $3.299,00 Advanc**** LLC
USA, Florida 2021 $1.499,00 Delta Qu**** LLC
USA, Florida 2018 $2.499,00 Prowa**** LLC
British Virgin Islands (BVI) 2016 $5.999,00 Noble K**** Limited
British Virgin Islands (BVI) 2018 $4.299,00 Atlanti**** Ltd.
British Virgin Islands (BVI) 2021 $2.299,00 Blue Wo**** Ltd.
USA, Wyoming 2022 $499,00 Crest Ne**** LLC
USA, Wyoming 2022 $499,00 Global H**** LLC
USA, Wyoming 2020 $799,00 TQS Glo**** Inc.
USA, Wyoming 2019 $1.299,00 Wyomin**** LLC
Sweden 2019 $2.999,00 Elite S**** AB
Sweden 2020 $2.499,00 MG Prop**** AB
Sweden 2020 $2.499,00 Horiz**** AB
Northern Ireland 2018 $1.599,00 Eagle Nor**** LP
Northern Ireland 2020 $1.299,00 1Wave **** LP
Northern Ireland 2020 $1.299,00 AceTra**** Ltd.
Malta 2022 $7.950,00 Malta Ass**** Ltd.
Malta 2019 $9.200,00 UIB Tra**** Ltd.
Malta 2018 $14.450,00 Framegr**** Ltd.
Malta 2016 $16.150,00 Colema**** Ltd.
Cyprus 2020 $8.850,00 BrightCa**** Ltd.
Cyprus 2021 $3.490,00 Xantu**** Ltd.
Cyprus 2021 $3.899,00 Purefa**** Ltd.
Cyprus 2020 $5.190,00 Star & Pa**** Ltd.

Many more companies available.

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Clevver Bookkeeping

Keep Your Company

Bookkeeping services available for your shelf companies

Use our accredited Bookkeeping software (by XERO)

Add your company to our Compliance Center and never miss any important filing date

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