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A registered agent is a must-have service for your business. It is a responsible third-party, legally allowed to receive documents on your company’s behalf – i.e. tax-related letters, statutory mail, notes of lawsuits and other letters from various governmental bodies.

Typically, it is mandatory in the US to have a registered agent for a company, but you want to get one even if it wasn’t. The reasons?

  • You absolutely need to receive important documents sent by the local regulators to avoid any legal complications
  • You need flexibility as well – you want to receive every single letter even when you’re absent
  • You want to keep your privacy – your company will be getting tons of mail, and you might not want every kind of letter delivered where your employees and clients are.

Clevver offers Registered Agent services in every US state, also in Colorado. In Colorado Springs, the specially trained staff is making sure you always receive your important mail. And yes, our Registered Agents are state certified & accredited with the government.

ClevverAddress - Business- & Registered Address Add-on

Product Name Registered Agent
Price / Yearly 119.40 €
Contract Duration 12 months
Use the address for marketing purposes
Use the address on business cards, letterhead and website
Use the address to receive official notifications and court documents
Use address to register your company with authorities
Use address to incorporate a company there

Product Name Zero
Postbox Price 0 €
Included incoming items 99
Envelope scanning (front) 99
Item content scanning 10
Free storage days (letters) 99 days
Free storage days (parcels) 2
Trashing items Unlimited
Dropbox connection NO
Surcharges for additional activities above included activities:
Additional incoming items 1 €
Envelope scanning 1.5 €
Item content scanning 2.5 €
Direct forwarding (charge per incident) 2 €
Collect forwarding (charge on top of postage) 2 €
Storing items over free period (letters) 0.15 € per day
Storing items over free period (packages) 0.5 € per day
Scan of additional pages 0.5 €
Pages included in content scan 10

All prices excluded VAT

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