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Registered Agent

What is a “Registered Agent”?

A Registered Agent is a mandatory service in the US for all registered companies. The Registered Agent is legally allowed to receive official letters and documents on behalf of the company. This includes for example, tax notices, court documents, letters from government agencies, etc.


We receive official mail, even in your absence


Letters are digitally available in your mailbox within 24h

Protection of privacy

Letters are not visible to every employee

Simple handling

All letters are available immediately, digitally and OCR scanned

Free Change Service

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High-quality Shelf Company Solutions

Foreign investors have two possibilities of establishing a company: by incorporating a new business or by purchasing a shelf company. Off the shelf or ready made offshore companies are corporate entities that have been established by a provider, who holds the company until a purchaser is found. Post transaction, the ownership of the company transfers from the provider to the third party, who then commences trading activity under the company name.

Benefits of a shelf company:

  • Save time: Fast transfer of ownership and Immediate delivery of full electronic company documents.
  • Credibility: potential business partners or clients feel more comfortable with an established company.
  • Contract Bidding: Some jurisdictions require a fixed business age

Each of our shelf companies is certified to have not been trading and having the ability to trade in virtually any business area.

Buy the company – change the name – and your business is ready to start.

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Basics & Requirements

Basis of legal system

Under Common Law.

Governing corporate legislation

No regulation on a country level. Regulations based on the state law.


Stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation.

Minimum directors/shareholders

Minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder.

Information published relating to company officers

There is no public register of company officers.

Secretary required

No – but we highly recommend it

Paid up capital requirement

No paid up capital requirement.

Accounting requirement

No accounting/reporting requirements.


No tax of any kind provided that there are no transactions in the United States.

Timespan incorporation

Within a few days, after receiving all the documents

ClevverConsulting Services

We offer legal services that fit perfectly to your incorporation. For more information click on the links below

Taxation & Accounting Service

Legal Address for your company

ICO (initial coin offerings ) support

Licensing (Gaming, Crypto)

Crowdfunding Setup

Trademark registration

Offshore company setup

Bank account setup

Fiduciary accounts Escrow accounts

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Legal business Address

Register your business with government agencies at more than 20 locations in 15 countries Or book the Registered Agent Service in all 50 US states

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Digital Postboxes

With a digital mailbox, you can receive letters and have them scanned at over 100 locations worldwide. You can also receive parcels and forward them worldwide

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Local phone numbers

Book a phone number in over 80 countries. A local number or toll-free number. Accept calls on any phone. And make outgoing calls using our ClevverNumber APP.

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