Registered Agent Service

St. Louis, Missouri

Registered Agent is legally allowed to receive official
letters and documents on behalf of the company.
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    All our Registered Agents are state accredited

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    We receive all postal mail from authorities on behalf of your company

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    If you need a digital mailbox in the US, to receive all kind of mail and packages

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Clevver Registered Agent

109,00 EUR /year
plus VAT
Use the address in your imprint
Suitable to receive official letters or court documents
Use the address to register your business with authorities
Use the addresses to incoprorate a company there
Contract Duration 12 months
Mail handling and digitization included
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easily organise
your letters

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    We inform you about new mail*

    *only official mail from authorities and court
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    We scan your letters

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    Access all letters in your mobile or desktop app

Free Change Service

How To Change A Registered Agent

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Do you already have a registered agent? And you are not happy with the performance or the costs are too high?

Change your registered agent now with just a few clicks.
Clevver offers a FREE CHANGE service.
Just tell us your current registered agent - and we take care of the rest.

Do you have questions about Registered Agent Change?

Start the FREE REGISTERED AGENT change service now:

Do you need a Registered Agent
in another state in the USA?


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