Too good, but still true: Why is Melbourne the perfect place to live and do business in?


Owning a business address in Melbourne can help you enter its highly profitable economy.

 is sprawling so unexpectedly that if calculations are correct, it may be the most populous city of Australia within roughly 10 years. This is, however, not without precedence or reason. The city already experienced a massive boom during the gold rush in the 19th century, after which it became a significant port, further helping the development of the region. In later centuries and decades, the local community rode the waves of industrialization and digitization enviably, and built a system on which a truly educated, well-off and intelligent society can rest. Today’s Melbourne is paramount when it comes to culture, education, healthcare and general infrastructure. No wonder why it was chosen as the world’s most livable city for seven (!) consecutive years by The Economist Intelligence Unit. It has just the perfect size to be accessible and to provide rich soil for entrepreneurs, businesses, smaller companies and startups, all of whom may easily build a powerful network of connections there within a few weeks or months. So better update your portfolio with a local street address and a virtual office before your competition does.

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Stefan Wölcken

Head of Marketing & Communications at Clevver. He is a digital native, specializing in start-up marketing. As the marketing-guy, he describes Clevver as "the infrastructure provider for legal shell companies" (not that it's untrue, but the team chose more settle words for our elevator pitch ?)