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  • 24th Nov 2021

    Looking for a Crypto-Friendly Jurisdiction?

    Read About Which Countries Have Beneficial Conditions for Blockchain Startups

    Over the past few years, different legal frameworks have been introduced to regulate crypto businesses and cryptocurrencies in particular. And a small number of governments have seen great perspectives that crypto projects can offer to their economies.  

    Some of the most popular with investors crypto-friendly countries are the following: 

    SwitzerlandLiechtensteinCyprus, and Estonia


    Switzerland is a country with loyal and quite progressive laws on crypto-activities. For example, in February of this year, the so-called "blockchain law" came into force. It proposes a series of reforms to civil and financial markets laws. These reforms are designed to regulate blockchain-based securities. Among other things, these modifications would create a legal basis for trading rights through electronic records and a new category of licenses for trading systems based on Blockchain technology. 

    Switzerland is renowned as one of the best places for new crypto startups. In this regard, the canton of Zug stands out among other districts in Switzerland. Due to its widespread loyalty to crypto-businesses, it has even been dubbed the "Crypto Valley." Zug is home to hundreds of crypto and blockchain startups, investment funds, cryptocurrency banks, and other digital currency organizations. The beneficial taxation regime in the canton played a significant role in making Zug a great place for crypto-activities. 

    Clevver together with a network of lawyers supports remote company formations in Switzerland. Reach out to our team to find out more.  


    Liechtenstein is a tiny state and located in the center of Europe. Despite its small size, the country is a recognized financial center and an active player in the global business market. The Principality of Liechtenstein is more than supportive of crypto-business. This is evidenced by the following facts:  

    1. The adoption and enactment in 2020 of Liechtenstein's Blockchain Law, the "Trusted Technology Token and Service Provider Act" (TVTG), which establishes a comprehensive regulatory framework for crypto activities;
    2. The well-known Bank Frick of Liechtenstein provides comprehensive blockchain banking services, including storage of its customers' cryptocurrency funds and tailored advice to clients on token projects; 
    3. The active support of the crypto community by the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein. 

    The ease of setting up a crypto business, along with tax incentives, is attracting more and more blockchain startups to Liechtenstein; if you are interested in incorporating a company in this jurisdiction, then Clevver is ready to assist in the formation of a shelf company in Liechtenstein on request. Send a request to our team and learn more.  


    Cyprus is not unreasonably considered one of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions in the world. This is supported by the fact that some Cypriot universities accept tuition fees in bitcoins, the University of Nicosia in particular.   

    Cyprus is a full member of the EU and has one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe and in the world — 12.5%.  Overall, the government's positive attitude towards crypto activities and the stability of the economy make Cyprus a promising jurisdiction to start a crypto business. 

    Clevver together with dedicated legal partners supports the online company incorporation in Cyprus. All the corresponding papers are available digitally. Get in touch with our specialists to find out details. 


    Estonia is an advanced digital country with economic freedom and ease of doing business. It is considered to be one of the countries where it is quite easy to start a crypto business. 

    In this state, cryptocurrency refers to alternative means of payment. Estonia is one of the few countries in Europe with a friendly attitude to ICO/STO activities. Here, the international business of primary issuance of coins receives favorable conditions with flexible taxation. Crypto-activity licenses are issued by the state body EFSA (National Regulator of the Republic of Estonia). The country's authorities have provided benefits and incentives for ICO/STO projects. 

    Clevver together with a network of legal partners provides assistance in the settlement of the companies in Estonia. Contact our experts to get details if you have questions. 

    Bottom Line 

    Overall, the global community has a positive attitude to the crypto business and many countries wholeheartedly support the crypto activities within their jurisdictions. They pass appropriate laws to make digital token business transparent, safe, and legally regulated. 

    ClevverCrypto provides broad-based support for token campaigns, we offer a number of actionable algorithms to make your token project come to life and flourish. Contact our team and learn more! 

    DISCLOSURE NOTICE:  Any legal or tax advice in this communication (including any attachments) is for information purposes only and is not intended to be used and cannot be used against Clevver or its Sender. The sender is neither an Accountant nor a Lawyer and cannot be made liable. Please, contact your tax accountant for individual consultation. Clevver does not provide any legal advice itself. Clevver works together with a network of lawyers and tax advisors that provide all necessary individual legal advice. 

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