A Clevver service for publication’s imprint

What is a publication’s imprint

The publication’s imprint or legal notice on the website is a disclosure notice, normally at the bottom of the website, which contains legal information and an address of the owner of this website. It can be information of a company or of a private person.

For whom is it imprint/legal notice address is beneficial?​​

  • Authors, musicians, photographs, and other people in art​​
  • Influencers and Bloggers​
  • Freelancers and one-person businesses​
  • Companies that needed to have a registration address

Where is the imprint needed?

  • eBook, books & audiobooks​
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter channels​
  • author website/blog
  • Instagram pages
  • YouTube channels

Why ClevverAddress & ClevverMail is the solution for an imprint address?

  • Complies with governmental regulations​

    The usage of the legal address from Clevver is safe and is in line with governmental regulations and with the German Telemedia Act (TMG). ​

  • Protects your privacy

    It is always a good solution to separate your private life from working one to avoid unwanted contacts. Our legal business address can be used as a website imprint/legal notice address. Meaning, that all the possible mail and various contacts would be re-direct to the chosen address and Clevver will take care of it.​

  • Makes live easier​

    Get letters and parcels on this address with our ClevverMail service & be notified right away. Scan inside, pick up yourself or forward to your home address – everything possible within a few clicks in our mobile app.​/legal notice address. Meaning, that all the possible mail and various contacts would be re-direct to the chosen address and Clevver will take care of it.​

  • Useful for Prestige and Marketing​

    Clevver offers multiple location around the world for legal addresses and digital mailboxes. Among them Are Unter den Linden in Berlin, St. Martin‘s Lane in London and West 25th Street in New York. It does not matter if you want to look more local for your potential customers or if you just want to create a prestigious image of your company – Clevver can help you with this.

Benefits of using Clevver for the imprint/legal notice​

  • ClevverAddress can be used for imprint on a website, also for social media and legal documents​
  • Meets requirements of the Telemedia Act in Germany and Austria (TMG)​
  • Wide range of locations worldwide available for this legal address ​
  • 100% Online and digital service​
  • Mail and packages management via mobile app​
  • Available in a few minutes after booking​
  • Customer support via life chat and via email in 3 languages


Clevver offer locations for the legal address and for the digital mailbox all around the world on all 5 continents. It does not matter if you need an address in most famous cities in the world, like Paris, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York or you are targeting other big markets like Johannesburg, Mumbai, Lima or Singapore – Clevver can cover it all for you!​

Just take a look at our 100+ locations around the world in 25+ countries and choose your location. The services can be booked in a few clicks and are available to use in less than 5 min after. ​

If you need a solution for your company or employees, please, send us a request and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.​

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