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It’s time to broaden your business horizons, explore opportunities in new regions, and discover the world and all the insider tips about business hotspots. One such spot is Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, widely regarded as the bridge between Europe and the Middle East. As a tax haven, it is a coveted base for many multinational corporations and has been driving Cyprus’ economy for years. Nicosia is one the world’s richest cities, and, beyond economics, it’s also a tourist magnet due to the city’s alluring Mediterranean-inspired vibe. Tap into this potential today by opting for a business address in Nicosia and be amazed at the possibilities that arise from this. It can be yours for an unbeatable price, starting at 3.95 euros a month, including a whole host of outstanding features and benefits and no paperwork. Dive into this Mediterranean investment paradise today.

Take a look at what Nicosia has to offer you.
What your business address in Nicosia has to offer you.

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Your own business address in Nicosia, Cyprus, the Mediterranean tax haven
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Nicosia – From siege to economic wonder
Nicosia has not always been such an economic powerhouse. Cyprus’ economy was once only moderately successful, bolstered primarily by agriculture and tourism. Then came the Turkish invasion and occupation of Northern Cyprus, which continues to this day and has divided the country into two parts. As a result of this, Cyprus has lost much of its agricultural land and important tourist areas, which were home to a staggering 80 percent of hotels. Cyprus, and especially Nicosia, had to come up with a new plan to help it regain and expand its economic strength. The solution was an attractive tax reform package that brought dozens of multinational companies to the Mediterranean island. The big plus point is that companies here benefit from much lower taxes if their owners do not reside in Cyprus. This has clearly been a win for the country, and Nicosia has become a true paradise in more ways than one. Start reaping the rewards with your business address in Nicosia.


Your business address in Nicosia comes with outstanding features and attractive benefits
Its status as a tax haven has seen Nicosia attract a lot of offshore postal companies, but let us be clear: even though you will only rent a physical postbox and a virtual postbox online with ClevverMail, your business address in Nicosia is nothing like these dubious companies. Actual employees will populate your business address in Nicosia, managing the office and making your post available to you digitally. Beyond this, you will be available to clients and partners via your digital address in Nicosia at any time. With ClevverMail, the focus is on being able to internationalize your business without having to spend large budgets on expansion. The complete range of features that boost your business address in Nicosia is available to you on the lowest terms, and you can set up your address in minutes and skip the paperwork with the help of the ClevverMail virtual assistant. Once you’re done, your business address in Nicosia is ready to use, and you can already start looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead of you.

The entire ClevverMail system has been designed in line with the latest user experience trends and is easily and intuitively navigable. As soon as mail starts arriving at your digital address in Nicosia, you will receive a message via your postbox. From there, you have three options: the local employees can either scan, forward, or destroy your mail. Security and discretion is paramount, and the highest standards are always in place so that you can rest assured that your mail is in the best hands. Internationalize your business the way you want to. With ClevverMail, you can access dozens of other locations around the world beyond Nicosia in just a few clicks. You’ll be impressed by what’s in store for you, just like thousands of other happy ClevverMail customers. Learn more about your postbox and get started straight away. Nicosia is waiting for you.


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