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Are you looking for an attractive business address in Mumbai?
When speaking of the most extreme cities in the world, Mumbai definitely deserves a mention. With over 12 million residents, it’s the most densely populated city in India, as well as a significant center of culture, economy, and trade. In the years gone by, Mumbai, located on a peninsula on the west coast of India by the Arabian Sea, has grown rapidly and become the richest city in India. Here is where you’ll find the money, investors, and one of the two largest shares of multinational company headquarters, a title Mumbai shares with Gurgaon. You too can arrive in this dynamic city and benefit from the powerful and lucrative market of Mumbai. Your business address will be brilliantly located in the city center and can be set up in just a few minutes. It will offer you some superb functions and, thanks to the digital address and mailbox system, some unmissable advantages, with the surprisingly low monthly rate you will be paying for this real address being only one of them.

Take a look at what Mumbai has to offer you.
What your business address in Mumbai has to offer you.

Excellent advantages:

With your own business address in Mumbai, you can benefit from a high-profile location that will do wonders for your company reputation
A stable presence in Mumbai that you control from afar: this will make the internationalization of your business extremely efficient.
You can complete the setup of your business address in Mumbai today, and it will be fully operational immediately.

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Due to local legal regulations you are not allowed to use this address, to register with authorities or to incorporate your company here.

We will be happy to help you find an alternative, please contact us.

Mumbai – A city of pure power
You can easily get things going in the Far East if you decide for a business address in Mumbai – a city that was always huge, but which refused to just keep on growing. Heading towards Mumbai from the ocean, you will see an ever-growing skyline; among the most impressive in the world. Along this skyline, you’ll find world-famous companies, happy tourists enjoying the amazing panoramic view from their hotel rooms, and rich Indian residents settled in their luxury apartments. Mumbai is a town of sheer power thanks to its size, its large population, and its economic potential, among other things. Join us by registering your own business address in Mumbai that will bring you to the heart of India. This is how you can find your place in the skyline. The city is a beacon for anyone wishing to break into the Indian or greater Asian markets. And it is sure to help your company’s reputation because, well, just because it’s Mumbai. Set up your address today.


You are sure to be convinced by the superb functions and attractive advantages of your business address in Mumbai.
Imagine your ClevverMail business address in Mumbai: in the middle of the impressive towers of the skyline that illuminate the buzzing city by night. It is surely any businessperson’s dream to find a place for their company here, but usually this requires a huge amount of financial capital, not to mention time and effort – the kind that most small and mid-sized companies cannot spare. That’s why there’s ClevverMail. With us, you can achieve this dream for unbeatably (almost unbelievably) low prices and fair conditions. Instead of paying for expensive office space in the city, you can simply rent an address, complete with a mailbox, online. This will give you a strong presence in Mumbai without you having to be there. You’ll be able to control all aspects of the address from afar, wherever you are. All mail that arrives for you at the address in Mumbai will be made available for your viewing in the virtual mailbox. But don’t worry: this will not mean that you are dealing with anything like the unreliable off-shore mailbox companies out there.

You will be fully reachable at this address at all times, and you can be sure that our on-site Clevver staff will be processing your post with the utmost care. From the moment you have completed the quick and easy setup process, your address will be ready to receive any letters and packages arriving for you in Mumbai. You will get a notification the moment this happens, and you can then choose from the available options: have our staff scan, forward, or discard your mail as desired. All it takes is the click of a button and our staff will take care of your request. This alone makes the system nothing like those used by dubious off-shore mailbox companies. For them, it’s about tax evasion; for us it’s about helping your business to thrive and internationalize successfully. You can also sleep easy knowing that your mail is always processed contentiously with the highest regards to security, discretion, and data protection standards. You’ll be working with a smart and intuitive system that you can put your full trust in. And all of this can be at your fingertips for as little as {lowest_price} a month.


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