British Virgin Islands: Ltd.

Why is it beneficial for a company to incorporate in the British Virgin Islands?

The British Virgin Islands are famous not only for their picturesque scenery. This Caribbean archipelago is also a very popular destination for the establishment of offshore companies. Being a British Overseas Territory, the BVI combines the political safety of the UK with the stability of American currency. English is the official language, which makes navigating the bureaucracy significantly easier. There are multiple benefits to incorporating in the BVI, such as:

Steady economy:
BVI’s economy is predominantly driven by tourism and finance. The latter sector has been developed by the continuously growing number of offshore companies incorporated in the BVI.

Uncomplicated legal system:
The British Virgin Islands allow for a quick incorporation process with no minimum capital required. The legislation creates a fostering environment for businesses and professionals so you can enjoy plenty of flexibility and independence. For example, you can be your company’s sole shareholder and director, and are not obliged to consult with another direct or even hire a secretary.

Developed infrastructure:
Apart from the fact that you can communicate in English and operate using American dollars, British Virgin Island’s developed infrastructure is a further enhancement. BVI’s infrastructure includes 113 kilometers of highway, a harbor, and multiple airports.

What type of companies can be formed in the British Virgin Islands?

Many foreigners choose to incorporate companies with limited liability in the British Virgin Islands. What makes this option so attractive?

  • You only need one shareholder who can also be the sole director of the company.
  • The share capital is up to you since there is no minimum required.
  • The incorporation process is very efficient – you can have your company up and running in 3 to 5 business days.
  • Shareholders’ liability is defined by their respective number of shares.



Ltd. Corporation Basic

1995 €

Incorporation of BC
Digital Certificate of Incorporation
Digital copy of Memorandum and Articles
Digital share certificate
Min Share capital 1 USD
Bank introduction
1 director included
2 shareholder included
Average 5 days turnaround

All prices excluded VAT

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