United Kingdom – Ltd & LLP

Why is it beneficial for a company to incorporate in the United Kingdom?

The UK offers a large number of benefits and reasons to incorporate.
First of all, the incorporation itself is as easy as nowhere else. The process is fast and no notary is necessary. This enables you to be in business with your company within a day. Besides that, the UK market itself is a reason to set up a business there. The UK offers highly skilled and international workforce of over 30 million people, making it a piece of cake to find the suitable team for almost any sector. Both the TAX and VAT of the UK is at a steady 20%, however, the UK’s cost of labour is exceptionally low compared to its European competitors. Independence from the EU will allow the UK to quickly react to global events and shifts in the European and world markets, along with being able to adapt their deals to fit the regulations of each country. The UK is the only European country expected to have labour supply growth in the following 15 years.

What type of companies can be formed in the UK?

A Private Company Limited by Shares (Ltd) is the most common legal form of companies in the United Kingdom and is not open for the public to invest. Investors are only responsible for the company’s financial liabilities up to the value of their investment.

The Limited liability partnership (LLP) registration might just be the business structural paradise you have been looking for, protection to its members is identical to that of a limited company, but with the numerous of business and tax advantages to its members.
Unlike other types of the UK businesses, the limited liability partnership is the independent corporate entity, and is responsible for any debts, rather than its members. As its name implies, all partners of the LLP have the personal limited liability.

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