Ireland: Ltd.

Why is it beneficial for a company to incorporate in Ireland?

Attractive tax policies, skilled labor force, vast expertise in hosting international companies, a truly business-friendly environment, and the country’s widespread network of international double tax agreements (DTAs) is an incomplete list of why Ireland is one of the best destinations for doing business. On top of that, Ireland offers an excellent Holding Company Regime! There’s no question why the vast majority of the world’s top tech giants have their European headquarters in Ireland.

Other benefits?

Tax regulations:

  • Ireland is famous for its favorable tax system. The corporate tax rate is just 12.5%
  • There is no Withholding Tax (‘WHT’) on dividends from Irish Holding Company to EU/tax treaty countries (it’s just one reason why establishing a holding company is Ireland’s strong suit)
  • Offers a reduced rate of corporate tax for R&D/intangible
  • Income tax reliefs for staff assigned from abroad, via the Special Assignee Relief Program (SARP)
  • No controlled foreign company rules
  • Engaged in research and development? – More tax benefits for you! 25% tax credit, to be precise
  • Ireland is perfect for receiving foreign direct investments!
  • Most small Limited Companies are audit exempt

Brexit-proofing? – Yes!

Ireland’s economic role will only grow after Brexit – so, if you want to Brexit-proof your business, consider taking your business to Ireland, just like many multi-billion banks and companies do.

  • The country offers easy cross-border trade
  • Euro currency & no exchange fees when dealing across the majority of EU countrie
  • After Brexit, Ireland will be the only English-speaking country in the EU
  • Irish Agency Company is a perfect setup for efficient trading, also with the UK

Which company type is offered by Clevver?

Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD Company) has limited liability and share capital. It is the most convenient type for majority of the cases.

Clevver’s Company Incorporation Pack Includes:

  • Incorporation
  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation
  • Inclusive the Companies Registration Office (CRO) fees
  • Memo & Arts / Company Constitution
  • Share Certificates
  • Digital Documents by Email

Ireland – Ltd. incorporation factsheet

Basis of legal system Common Law
Governing corporate legislationDepartment of Business, Enterprise and Innovation
StabilityStable jurisdiction with a very good reputation.
Minimum directors/shareholdersMinimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder. In case there’s just one director, a separate person is needed to act as a Company Secretary
Information published relating to company officersUpon registration, the basic information will appear in the Company Search Facility of the CRO
Paid up capital requirementNo minimum
Accounting requirementThe business is required to have a bank account and file annual returns. (Late filing might result in fines up to 1200€)
Timespan incorporation3-5 days once all pre-incorporation documentation is in place
Corporate Tax rate 12.5%



Ltd. Ireland Company

179 €

Digital Certificate of Incorporation
Memo & Arts / Company Constitution
Share Certificates
Digital Documents by Email

All prices excluded VAT

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Benefits of ClevverCompany:

  • You can start your business in nearly every country in the most convenient way
  • Fast and fully digital incorporation process
  • Lawyer approved process and local legal teams on site
  • Meeting all legal requirements

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