Offer ClevverEnterprise on your domain as your very own system.

Have you always thought about having a login area available for your clients to access on your website? With ClevverEnterprise, you can easily make this a reality by integrating the smart software into your own domain. The set up is easy and quick thanks to the SSO (Single Sign On) function and an API-interface. The operations that take place through this software on your domain are mirrored on Clevver’s own server, which is where they will be processed – but your customers won’t know this: they will see the whole thing as your very own intuitive solution. The direct domain integration, which can be customized with your very own design and pricing, is a smart and appealing core-feature of your ClevverEnterprise account.

Let’s talk safety: we’re happy to advise about the security requirements.

The successful integration of ClevverEnterprise into your domain means being aware of the necessary security requirements. If you’re offering a service for the digitalization of confidential post and information, your clients and users are going to expect the highest levels of security and discretion. Clevver ensures that these expectations are met to the fullest degree and will thoroughly advise you about the security requirements your domain needs to follow to make this possible. A preliminary measure, for example, is the SSL-encryption of your site for safe data transfer. Your customers can have peace of mind thanks to our impeccable safety standards – which means that you can too.

Benefits of ClevverEnterprise:

  • Thanks to the integration of the system into your domain, your clients can register and log in with ease
  • Your customers will see ClevverEnterprise as a smart solution offered by your own business, which will win you their confidence
  • Have your own innovative login area that will make your customers want to sign up and learn more
  • The domain integration is set up easily and quickly thanks to SSO and API technology

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