White Label Software for Shared Offices

The best proven software to take care of your daily mail management. It is fast, easy to setup and secure.

How do you deal with your postal mail today? Do you take all packages and store them? Do you send emails to your clients and wait for them to pick up their mail? Does it happen that you lose letters or packages once in a while? Is this service offered for free but takes a lot of work and pain in daily activities?
Change your mail management and start a profit center at your front desk.
You can rely on the our proven software for shared office mail management. We take care of more than 10.000 mailboxes around the globe and you can take all our know how and use it for your own shared office.

What you can do with our White Label software

  • Offer virtual mailboxes – under your brand in your own corporate design.
  • Set your own prices – Earn money on monthly fees and activity charges
  • Manage all postal mail arriving at your offices fully digital and with automated processes.
  • Scan your customers‘ postal mail and make it easy cloud-based available for them.
  • Increase your staff’s productivity.

Keep your customers longer as virtual members

What happens if your customers leave your shared space due to different reasons? Why not offer them more exciting services and stand out from competition with a virtual membership.

You can therefore keep your leaving customers by turning them into virtual office customers.
Within a virtual membership they can still use your shared office address to receive postal mail. Maybe you can win them back as real customers over time if you keep the contact.

Make your processes smarter and faster and even more secure

You will get access to the full scope of our proven software. Save your employees and your customers important time when it comes
To mail management:

Each item is registered into the system and customers are automatically informed. Each item can be identified and no letter or package will get lost. You will get a full digital record of each mail item. So you can easily increase the productivity for everyone.

Convert mail to money and turn your front desk into a profit center

How many letters and packages do you receive for your tennants? Do you get paid for this important work?

Make mail management a new revenue stream in your shared office. Set your own prices in our system on a monthly plan and/or activity base (Scanning, forwarding and storage).

Make the software and APP to fit to your Corporate design

The software can be adapted and fully branded with your own logo and in your corporate colours.
No customer will ever see that it is the Clevver Software.
Your customers can login on your own website with a login widget. You can optionally add your own mobile app, iOS and Android.
You can even use our API to integrate all mail management processes into your already existing services. Setting the software up to your needs will not take longer than 48hours. It is that simple.

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