Set your own prices and conditions, and aim for that much-deserved revenue increase.

When you opt for ClevverEnterprise, you are also giving yourself the opportunity to decide on your own prices and conditions. You can purchase the software access option and then set your prices to cater to the profit margin that works for you. Companies already working with the Enterprise solution have reported clear revenue increases thanks to the increased amount and activity of their customers in their systems. In addition to the basic fees, there are also additional one-off charges that may be applied to other supporting services such as dispatching and delivering. This gives you the chance to earn money with every step your customers take. Thanks to the intuitive and straightforward user interface, you don’t have to spend hours on dedicated to customer service. You retain control over your revenue increase.

Do you want to offer the Clevver services as your own to your customers? Call the shots, set your own conditions.

The Clevver services already include standard fees that are based on the typical running of the virtual mailboxes, such as those for receiving incoming mail, mail forwarding, or the long-term storage of mail. When you offer these Clevver services to your customers, you can simply add on your desired margins onto these fees in the management panel, where there will already be a certain number of free services included. If you’d like to add more services to offer to your clients, members, and users, it’s easy to do so. When it comes to the conditions for these services, you are not tied to any set requirements, meaning you are completely free to decide what they should be. You can find more detailed information about setting your own prices and conditions when offering the Clevver services

Benefits of ClevverEnterprise

  • You have complete freedom when deciding on the price setting for your ClevverEnterprise services
  • You earn money from every service that your customer requests and uses
  • You generate a clear revenue increase through customizing your profit margins, meaning that you earn more
  • You avoid time-consuming customer service tasks, and all invoices are generated automatically through the system, meaning ClevverEnterprise saves you money and time in handling your clientele

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