Simple accountmanagement

An intuitive online interface and app for everyone – for your customer’s post management, and for your hassle-free Enterprise account administration

The intuitive online interface, along with the mobile app, is at the heart of the ClevverEnterprise solution. You are in control of all the important settings, and you manage the accounts of your customers, members, and users. Your clients, in turn, use the interface for the digital post management of all their registered addresses, be they local or international. Everyone involved will surely benefit from these simple and fast processes. Both the interface and app were designed to meet the most up-to-date standards of modern user experience, resulting in Enterprise’s sleek, logical, and easy-to-use services. Your clients, members, and users will love it as much as you will. It will certainly save you a lot of valuable time and logistics-related stress. And if you like, you can have this option as part of your very own business domain.

As the administrator, you can manage several different location addresses successfully with our online interface.

Our system can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to administration. You can see from the screenshots just how simple it is to navigate the interface. At just a glance, you can view the activity of your various chosen locations all over the world, either online or on the go with the app.

All it takes is logging in for you to have access to the interface overview. For all of your active locations – be they your own or those offered by Clevver – you can immediately find out what’s taking place and/or what’s waiting to be processed. In addition, you can manage and change the conditions or the access of your customers, members, and users centrally and with ease. You’ll have full access to reports about all (past) actions and the activity of all of your customers. In short, the interface from ClevverEnterprise is your all-around location management center. You or your colleagues can register mailboxes and work with the respective necessary tools for the quality scans and forwarding of post. And if your customers would prefer to pick up their mail in person, this is also something you can easily organize in the system settings. In short, the ClevverEnterprise interface and mobile app can be your daily companions to help you in all your enterprise matters.

Benefits of ClevverEnterprise:

  • Thanks to the intuitive development of the software based on the current standards of modern-day user experience, you will have no problem using the interface
  • You can manage all the general settings, as well as the receiving and sending of mail, all in the same place
  • You can manage all your locations in one central system, without having to bounce from place to place
  • For tasks such as scanning and mail forwarding, all the necessary tools are at hand
  • You will be using the same smart, intuitive system as the one being used by your customers

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