Unter den Linden in Berlin

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The New Prestigious Clevver Location for Your Business

Clevver is very happy to announce that the list of virtual office locations is growing! From the beginning of October, our customers will be able to book our new prestigious address in Berlin, on boulevard “Unter den Linden”. 

What is Unter den Linden? 

Unter den Linden is an unusually beautiful boulevard in the center of Berlin Mitte, only a few steps away from Pariser Platz where you find the Brandenburger Gate. A stroll along will reveal numerous sights of the majestic city. The virtual business address we offer is located in the historic “House of Switzerland”, which is located at the cross of Unter den Linden Boulevard and Friedrichstraße.  

The legal address at Unter den Linden can be used for: 

  • company formation. 
  • register with authorities; 
  • business cards; 
  • marketing materials; 
  • company website. 

The legal address at Unter den Linden pricing starts from 49,95 EUR per month. 

Our customers can, of course, expect a high level of service at Unter den Linden when it comes to mail and parcel handling. Each item will be received, processed, and scanned in a timely manner. As known to our customers, they are the ones to decide which item of mail will be scanned, forwarded, or disposed of.  

Our service stays flexible and entirely under our customers’ control at all times. This makes it both cost-efficient and personalized, with easy management that will not take up much of your time.  

The digital postbox at Unter den Linden pricing starts from 9,95 EUR per month. 


Unter den Linden is a new prestigious location in Berlin from Clevver. Here, we offer our virtual office services – a set of options for remote and digital entrepreneurship. It includes legal and business address, remote postbox, phone number. Also, help with the company formation is possible in this location. That means that it can be used as a registered address for your business as well as to receive official documents. 

Our additional options, such as a local phone number tied to the address, and support for the incorporation service make our Unter den Linden location unique assistance that will help you grow your business and match your success. 

With quick setup and easy operation, the Unter den Linden virtual office address from Clevver is the ideal entry into the German market for any company. 

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Why ClevverMail is One of the Best Digital Postbox Solutions for Digital Nomads and Freelancers

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Getting your daily mail digitized was never easier and more digital


  • Because of their lifestyle of constant travel, digital nomads and freelancers have specific needs: receiving and reaching out to their regular mail.
  • СlevverMail (virtual mailboxes) is a service that was created with the main goal of providing comfort and privacy to business travelers. 
  • Сlevver offers a handy APP to manage daily mail with multiple options to automate mail handling processes. 
  • Clevver offers more than 80 locations worldwide to receive correspondence and 3 different plans for different amounts of mail.

Modern people enjoy many privileges that were previously unavailable and even unimaginable. So, today, any person has the ability to enjoy their work from anywhere in the world. We are now talking about digital nomads, freelancers, ex-pats, and business travelers. For them, the whole world is their workplace, as pompous as it sounds, it’s true. 

Nevertheless, to relish traveling and still be professional, the business of both digital nomads and freelancers must have a “home base” to present it to clients. After all, it would be crazy for customers to see your business address constantly changing! Today it’s Paris, and two months later — it’s Beijing, for example.  

As a continuous traveler, you are free to roam wherever you want, but your online business should stay in one place though. And we have an ideal solution to this issue — it is to use the ClevverMail service, and now we’ll explain why: 

What is ClevverMail? 

The ClevverMail service was created to give you digital access to your regular mail. Using this service, you can access it online, 24/7, from any device that has an Internet connection. When you start using ClevverMail, you sign up for a so-called “virtual mailbox or postbox”. To do so, you complete the registration process and authorize Clevver to receive postal mail on your behalf.  

The procedure is super easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. At Clevver, we take care to cover all local requirements. For example, for all USA locations, you require to fill in a special form, called USPS 1583. Read more about it here. Shortly after the registration, we can receive the mail for you. You will be notified every time a letter or a parcel arrives and will be able to assess it online with our APPs. 

What you can do with your mail, after it arrived at one of the Clevver locations:  

  • Scan of the letter from outside and inside; 
  • Worldwide forwarding; 
  • Store it or trash it; 
  • Save digital copies in the Cloud (Dropbox). 

And rest assured: we never take a look into your mail, unless you give us your permission. So, your mail is always safe with us. 

Depending on the amount of mail you expect, you get 3 different plans to choose from. Prices start at only 5,95 €/month. 

And if you like to use the address not only for mail – but also to register a company with authorities, you are able to upgrade the digital postbox to a fully legal address

Why is ClevverMail perfect for freelancers and digital nomads? 

Clearly, freelancers, digital nomads, and ex-pats have specific needs because of their lifestyles. They are always mobile and open to new cities, yet, at the same time, their business demands having a legitimate permanent address, which is exactly what using the ClevverMail service will provide in the first place.  

To sum up, there is a number of other reasons why business travelers should choose the digital mailboxes from Clevver:

  • Separation of professional and personal life. Keeping a home address confidential is critical to stay private and secure for independent business owners and freelancers. With a virtual address, you can register your business or share it with customers without broadcasting your personal information. 
  • Full control over your mail and packages. You can use the option of scanning, forwarding, storing, or shredding for all your received mail. The best virtual mail services from Clevver let you do what you want and when you want to your correspondence. 
  • Easy document storage with integration. ClevverMail makes it easy to integrate your mail with Dropbox. With a virtual mailbox from us, it’s easy to keep a digital record of all the documents you need. 
  • Flexibility to travel and work. Since freelancers and digital nomads aren’t usually tied to a specific location, a handy ClevverMail APP with an intuitive interface will ensure that you are notified and can access your mail anytime and anywhere. Also, ClevverMail gives you the ability to receive packages as well. Each service plan includes the option of free packages storage (limited) and forwarding to the location you specify. 

Final Thoughts 

Digital nomads and freelancers lead interesting, yet need-specific lives. One way to look like a good professional in the eyes of your clients, maintain your privacy, and make your work life easier is to choose ClevverMail, we’ll do the rest! You can choose your virtual mailbox address here.

DISCLOSURE NOTICE: Any legal or tax advice in this communication (including any attachments) is for information purposes only and is not intended to be used, and cannot be used against Clevver or its Sender. The sender is neither an Accountant nor a Lawyer and cannot be made liable. Please, contact your tax accountant for individual consultation. Clevver does not provide any legal advice itself. Clevver works together with a network of lawyers and tax advisors that provide all necessary individual legal advice.