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Peculiarities of Corporate Financial Reporting in Germany category

The obligation to submit financial statements is an attribute of entrepreneurial activity. These accounts show the property and financial position of the company and the results of its business activities in the reporting period. They are, in addition to the information function, a basis for the taxation of the company and the determination


Form Your Business in Germany Online category

with Clevver Professional Assistance Overview:  Germany has a stable and one of the most developed economies in the EU; The state has a solid banking system; Germany ranks 4th in the world in terms of GDP; There is no currency control in the country; Germany steadily enjoys the attention of the world's


Steuernummer and Umsatzsteuer-ID. What Is the Difference? category

Germany uses many different tax identification numbers. For an entrepreneur who writes an invoice for the first time, it can be difficult to distinguish them. They are faced with the question: Do I have to state a Steuernummer (a tax number) or Umsatzsteuer-ID (VAT ID) on the invoice? Finally, both numbers can be given on the invoice. You can now